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Frequantly Asked Questions

Double-Degree program

Q1. What are the requirements to join the double degree program?
A1. The mandatory requirement for the double-degree program is the admission to the masters program in Molecular and Developmental Stem Cell Biology. Only the students who are successfully enrolled to this program are eligible to apply for the double-degree program. Interested students should contact the program coordinator. The candidates need to prepare a Powerpoint presentation about their academic background and the research field they are interested to work on, and the final decision about acceptance will be revealed after having an interview with the Chinese professors. The detailed information is accessible via the following link:

Q2. How is the program organized?
A2. Students of the international master program Molecular and Developmental Stem Cell Biology (ISTEM) are required to spend two semesters abroad at the participating Chinese partner university. For detailed information on the ISTEM program use the following website:

Q3. What universities participate in the double-degree program?
A3. Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, and Jinan University in China (Guangzhou).

Q4. What are the master degree titles after finishing the double-degree program?
A4. After finishing the program successfully, you will receive two master degrees, one from RUB in Stem Cell Biology and the other one from Jinan University in Regenerative Medicine.

Q5. Is there a scholarship available for the double-degree program?
A5. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) grants monthly payment of approximately 1100 euros, as well as a one-time payment of 850 for the flight cost of each selected applicant.

Q6. When is the approximate deadline to apply every year?
A6. You need to apply within the first semester of your studying in Germany, i.e. until March.

Q7. How many months should the RUB students spend in China to pass the courses and do a project?
A7. The duration is roughly 10 months or two semesters.

Q8. How many months should the JNU students spend in Germany to participate in the courses?
A8. The duration is roughly 10 months or two semesters.

Q9. Do the students need to apply for a Visa for China?
A9. Yes, all the students need to apply for Visa after receiving the acceptance letter and official documents from China.

Q10. Is there any dormitory available for international students?
A10. Yes, Jinan University provides you with a low-priced international dormitory. There is also the possibility to search for a private room outside of the campus.

Q11. Are there any extra documents needed to be prepared?
A11. Passport-holders of some nationalities need to apply for a certificate of good conduct several months in advance before applying for Visa. To find more information, please contact the Chinese coordinator.

Q12. Is it necessary for JNU students to stay enrolled at RUB after leaving?
A12. Yes, it is, because you need to be enrolled in order to receive your certificate. However, you will pay a much reduced social service contribution, because you do not need the semester ticket.

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